Our Organization

A division of AFCO Energy, AFCO Petrochemicals believes that in current market conditions and present realities, you value reliability, honesty, timely advice and execution.

We live by the values of trust, integrity and excellence. AFCO Petrochemicals is a subsidiary of AFCO Energy Pte Ltd, whose parent company Finco is headquartered in the Netherlands.

The Team

Managing Director Lim Fang Wei has traded petrochemicals since 1997. He’s widely respected in the market for his ability to successfully ride the ups and downs of global market cycles in the petroleum industry.

Petrochemical Trader Chan Chi Long has spent 10 years in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, building a strong portfolio of knowledge and experience. He has a specialized knowledge in petroleum and its distillates, and developed new business in China, Korea, Taiwan and the region.

Managing director Lim Fang Wei stands beside petrochemical trader Chan Chi Long at our AFCO office in Singapore.

Our REAL Values

Respect, Equitable prices, Authenticity in behavior, and Listening to our clients are key to our business values of trust, integrity and excellence. Our goal is to be foremost in helping our clients succeed in the volatile petrochemical industry.

Respect We respect our clients, shareholders and employees.
Equitable We execute transactions in a fair and reasonable manner for all stakeholders.
Authenticity     We share our views, opinions, and analysis sincerely and in a manner that honours listeners.
Listening We listen carefully to all our stakeholders and pay attention to details.


Talk to us at info@afco-petrochemicals.com